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Current Gallery: PortraitsByPaul ( piece)
I take old photographs and restore them before I start changing their entire look. If they are 'black and white' I colorize them before starting my digital artwork. I have many software programs I use in conjunction with each other; back and forth between them the artwork goes. In the end the portrait is an artist's vision instead of a camera's reality. If I know or admire the subject I can often extract more of their soul into their image. How is that done you ask? I don't have a clue, I just do it. Paul Simone
"Tesla sketch by Simone"  (2018) by Pauljs
  • Tesla age 77 in 1933 Tesla age 77 in 1933
from $ 10
  • Tesla sketch by Simone Tesla sketch by Simone
from $ 10
  • NC Wyeth portrait NC Wyeth portrait
from $ 10
  • Sioux Chief Sioux Chief
from $ 10
  • Jesus inspired Jesus inspired
from $ 25
  • NikolaTesla by Simone NikolaTesla by Simone
from $ 10

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