Current Gallery: IrishStories ( piece)
I paint stories! Things I read, stories people share with me or stories from my own life, fuel my imagination. I love intertwining tension with dramatic devices such as satire, paradox, irony, and suspense. The basic ingredients for the making of a great novel, play or movie also make for an excellent painting.
"Potato Savior (Práta Slánaitheoir)"  (2009) by Pegeen
  • Síocháin (Peace) Síocháin (Peace)
from $ 34
  • Potato Savior (Práta Slánaitheoir) Potato Savior (Práta Slánaitheoir)
from $ 34
  • 1014 Sometime After April 23 1014 Sometime After April 23
from $ 34

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