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This is Daniel K. Bresien's ImageKind print-on-demand gallery. At ImageKind every one of Daniel's images can be printed and custom framed on-demand. ImageKind's online fine art print shop offers Daniel's shoppers over 5 million, printing, matting, framing and glazing possibilities.

Note: If you would like to see the pictures first, scroll to the bottom of the page.

To begin, just a few reasons why I chose to offer my art through First I am extremely impressed by what and how ImageKind has to offer my customers. ImageKind’s print technologies include GiClee and Canvas Transfer and are performed on substrates (paper and canvas) that are of archival grade. With care these prints will last many generations without fading or degradation of the matte, frame, or substrate. Second, there is no restriction or minimum on the print run that you order. Third, production time to create your custom framed print is extremely reasonable. Fourth, the costs follow suit. ImageKind’s pricing structure is very reasonable for what they do.

Try to come close to come close to matching the quality, service, price and delivery time by purchasing an archival grade artist print and having it framed by a professional framer. I think you will see the value that is offered by this company.

I am currently placing a few of my paintings on display for production by ImageKind. These are open edition prints. That is any number of these prints can be made over the time that they are offered. They are not signed, nor are they numbered as a limited edition print would be.

My personal preference and recommendation is that you order your print on ultrasmooth fine art paper and use UV acrylic as your glazing material. Note: Ammonia based solutions will cause acrylic to fog over time. You may use a vinegar based cleaner with a clean dry soft absorbent cotton cloth or alternately you may use large disposable coffee filters.

Regarding the paintings. I work on both large scale works (20 x 30") and small scale works (6 x 9"). Large scale works allow me more detail and freedom of subject, but require quite a long time to paint, sometimes months. While small scale works can run as short as hours or as long as weeks, allowing me a little more variety in subject.

My interests are varied and I tend to get bored working on the same thing so I usually have 3-4 projects going at any given time. This way I can jump from a landscape to a fish to a whimsical or fantasy piece to something experimental. My experimental projects rarely make it to signing, but I usually learn quite a bit from the exercise.

I hope that you have seen something that you like and also hope that you will return in the future to see what new projects may end up here for your perusal.

""Bamboo-0802B""  (2002) by ArtApplied
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