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Current Gallery: AfricanLandscapes ( piece)
To try and capture the soul, or essence and energy of the landscape, is a challenge. Painting what you see and feel at the same time is a tremendous balancing act. I am fascinated by the southern African landscape and strive to paint it in a uniquely individual way, different to other artists and other media. I can create images that have the essence of fantasy and truth that reality does not permit some imaginations to perceive. There is underlying warmth and mystery in the landscapes of southern Africa. If we don’t do more to conserve the African wildlife heritage it will disappear; beyond our furthest imaginations or any memory of its immense contrasts and diversity. More of the continent needs to be protected and it needs to be done now before it's too late. I cannot think of anything more intriguing to paint than the soul of the African landscape.
"Grassland"  (2008) by bahroma
  • Magic Hour Magic Hour
from $ 26
  • Grassland Grassland
from $ 24
  • Drowning Drowning
from $ 20
  • The Crane The Crane
from $ 23
  • Drought Drought
from $ 22
  • Stormfront Stormfront
from $ 19
  • New Growth New Growth
from $ 19
  • Beetle Beetle
from $ 24
  • Burnt Plains Burnt Plains
from $ 24
  • Erosion Erosion
from $ 24

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