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Have you ever wondered what makes up a soul? How it looks as a visual expression? Or imagined what many of the beings look like that make up the invisible worlds that surround us? The Spiritual/ metaphysical training Bonnee received opened her to a whole new world of sensations and impressions to which she began to give form through her passion of art. When she puts chalk to paper she seldom knows what the outcome will be. It is a bit like automatic writing or channeling… letting go and allowing impressions to flow from Soul to paper. She calls it automatic drawing, but it is really giving form, texture and color to energy patterns and perceptions.

Since 1992 she has utilized pastel to capture the essence of those beings that surround and guide us in our daily lives. Who give us subtle signals and say, ‘Do you really want to go there?’ or ‘Watch out, duck!!!’. Our Spiritual Teachers, Guides and Angels. In 2007 she was guided to also illustrate the individual garment (body/personality) with Soul experience and essence in line and color around the body. This is done 3 different ways with pastel on paper or pastel with computer enhancement or it may be drawn directly into the computer. Bonnee’s esoteric artwork includes pastel Spirit Guide drawings and Esoteric Portraiture as well as computer enhanced drawings and photographs.

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"Bad Girl"  (1990) by BonneeKleinGilligan
  • Bad Girl Bad Girl
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