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MINIMALIST MOVIE POSTERS tribute for some EXPLOITATION CULT from ITALY. DJANGO (Sergio Corbucci), THE GOOD THE BAD and THE UGLY (Sergio Leone), BLACK SUNDAY (Mario Bava), BLACK SABBATH (Mario Bava), SUSPIRIA (Dario Argento), DEEP RED (Dario Argento), CANNIBAL FEROX (Umberto Lenzi), ZOMBIE [ZOMBI 2] (Lucio Fulci), CALIBER 9 [MILANO CALIBRO 9] (Fernando Di Leo, ASSAULT with a DEADLY WEAPON [ROMA A MANO ARMATA] (Umberto Lenzi), DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING (Lucio Fulci), THE NEW YORK RIPPER (Lucio Fulci), THE LAST JAWS (Enzo G. Castellari).
"FULL METAL JACKET - Stanley Kubrick"  (2011) by federicomancosu
  • FULL METAL JACKET - Stanley Kubrick FULL METAL JACKET - Stanley Kubrick
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