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SKY BLUE | Communication Healing, trust, loyalty, peace, communication Our communication centre. Our ability to communicate our needs and requirements. When balanced we are able to recognise when someone or something isn’t feeding or nurturing us. INDIGO |Integrity Seeker of thruth, reformer, idealist, knowledge, tacher Our centre of intuition and higher mind. When balanced it gives us the ability to perceive beyond our five senses. Our consciousness expands and we can then peep int the unknown realms and use these insights in our lieves. VIOLET |Higher Consiousness Stillness, inspiration, spirituality, sacrifice, high ideals Our spiritual quest in which we desire to experience all that the universe has to offer. Seeking answers to phikosophical questions. Our ability to freely discussour changing beliefs. (June McLeod)
"Blue!"  (2009) by Lightspectrals
  • Blue! Blue!
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