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Current Gallery: CATARACT ( piece)
Series: CATARACTS. Year: 2019. Artist's Note : CATARACTS is personal: I, so far have about 25 to 30% Cataracts in my eyes. It sucks, especially being a Photographist! I can attest to the fact that it makes my vision problematic, even at 25 or 30% cataract: I see the world in a slightly cloudy, haze (foggy vision), much of the time. It is not extremely noticeable, YET! However, as they get worse, vision, and Photography will become more difficult. Then....time to consider surgery to correct the problem(s) — Two eyes, so, two problems! This series is a group of images that may represent vision with serious, blurry cataracts: It is my interpretation of Cataract Vision represented in images. ————— Tags: #CATARACT, #blurry, #movement, #action, #nature, #NawfalJohnsonNur, #Art, #Photography, #ContemporaryArt, #foggy, #hazy,
"CATARACT #1"  (2019) by nawfalnur
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