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Current Gallery: crisis-of-3rd-century ( piece)
"The Crisis of the Third Century, also known as Military Anarchy or the Imperial Crisis (AD 235–284), was a period in which the Roman Empire nearly collapsed under the combined pressures of invasion, civil war, plague, and economic depression. The crisis began with the assassination of Emperor Severus Alexander by his own troops in 235, initiating a 50-year period during which there were at least 26 claimants to the title of emperor, mostly prominent Roman army generals, who assumed imperial power over all or part of the Empire." ( I was inspired to create this Abstract Expressionism Photography Series, by Dr. Harry Sidebottom's WARRIOR OF ROME Series. The books following the life of the story's hero, Marcus Clodius Balista (d. c.261), during the time of Emperor Valerian. I have always been a student of Ancient Greek and Roman History. I earned a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I have always enjoyed learning about these long-dead historical 'celebrities'. It isn't that these art photographs have a mystical connection with the historical figures they are named for—it is just that this is a series designed BECAUSE I have been inspired by Sidebottom's story, and each artwork needs a title. Thus, each artwork is named after a historical figure from "The Crisis of the Third Century" (2018). These artworks are Ambidextrous Abstract Expressionism Photography art pieces. By "Ambidextrous", I mean that they are mirrored images, which usually form some types of figures that can be seen by viewers, as long as the viewer is open to seeing the ghostly and mysterious figures.
"Marcus Clodius Balista, 14 March 2018"  by nawfalnur
  • Valerian Valerian
from $ 147
  • Marcus Clodius Balista, 14 March 2018 Marcus Clodius Balista, 14 March 2018
from $ 147
  • Maximinus Thrax, Edit F, 14 March 2018 Maximinus Thrax, Edit F, 14 March 2018
from $ 147

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