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This Gallery was created to assist Professional Designers, Architects, Consultants and Gallery Managers. I have taken the Abstract "Floral Explosion" and created a series based on the Pantone Industry Standard "Pantone Management System" (PMS), and the Internet or Monitor equivalent "Red, Green, Blue" (RGB) represented by a Hexadecimal number (HEX). If you are looking to match a specific PMS or RGB color mix/shade/blend just find the corresponding ITEM: 105BW with the PMS or RGB number code you want and it will match. If you do not find the PMS Code you are looking for just email me and I will create it an upload it for you. Thank you and enjoy..!
"Square PMS-327 HEX-008C82 Green"  (2010) by Ricardos
  • Square PMS-327 HEX-008C82 Green Square PMS-327 HEX-008C82 Green
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