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Yefim Rudminsky (1937-1994) was a prominent artist and architect in the 1960-90s. He lived and worked his entire life in Kiev, Ukraine. Rudminsky worked with oil, watercolor, gauche, tempera, and pastel. He came through different artistic styles: from the landscapes of the 60th which being influenced by so named severe style – subdued colors, solid strokes, simple, laconic shapes without strong tone development - through lyric compositions of 70th performed with bright tints and open brushstrokes - to the paintings of 80-90th that are just symphonies of colors and texture. It should be noticed, that Rudminsky reached an incredible quality in pastel technique. The velvety surfaces of his pastels are performed with soft almost translucent colors, and their tones are so subtle that it is sometimes difficult to determine what mixtures of paints produce such effect. Rudminsky often worked in series, returning to the same subject repeatedly and exploring the same content through different colors and artistic media. He created the following series: "Faces, Images, Moods", "Anonymous Prophets", "Korai and Cariatids", "The two", etc.
  • A man in a cap or Self-portrait. A man in a cap or Self-portrait.
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