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Current Gallery: MysticalPyramids ( piece)
The great pyramids of ancient civilizations are a source of inspiration for me. Their mystery and majesty speaks to hidden truths and rites of initiation. They hearken to the lost civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria. Some say that the great pyramids were built by people who survived the destruction of these 'mythical' civilizations. Perhaps time will tell...

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All images (c) Lawrence Neal Katzman. All rights reserved.

  • Warrior's Flight Warrior's Flight
from $ 19
  • Rain of Blessings Rain of Blessings
from $ 19
  • Atlantis Rising Atlantis Rising
from $ 19
  • Portal's Opening Portal's Opening
from $ 19
  • Warrior's Invocation Warrior's Invocation
from $ 19
  • Time to Shine Time to Shine
from $ 19

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