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Inspired by the great patriotic, educational, paranoia and safety posters of WW2- this series asks 'what if' America had gone to war with it's own epidemic of the undead in the middle of last century. These posters inspire men to register and aid the cause- or sell a family a robot that may be more dangerous than the zombies themselves- remind us to improvise weapons during a state of emergency- to question our trust in our own relatives that may be harboring infection- to do the unthinkable and kill our infected loved ones or else be a traitor to the nation- and finally asking the question of how it all started in the first place. Each poster comes in three looks. "Clean' which looks like new. red and blue ink on solid white background . "faux fold' where a simulated fold and crease wear has been applied, and "aged', where the fold, creases and a layer of dirt and stain has been added to make the posters look as old as they are intended to be.
"ZOM-BOT (aged)"  (2009) by TravisPitts
  • ZOM-BOT (aged) ZOM-BOT (aged)
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