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Original art including masonite, canvas, reverse glass, and other media. Most images are professionally scanned from 4x5 color transparencies. Some are scanned from slides. If you're unsure about an image because of low res. image displays from imagekind, most of my work is located on flickr at Flickr will let you see what you're getting in much greater clarity. A warning. There is The Black Gallery that does contain images with more adult themes. Nudes have ALWAYS been a part of art since petroglyphs. If the naked body offends you, then The Black Gallery should probably be avoided. Thank you for your interest in my work!
"After BROM"  (1996) by vncstone
  • Nailed Not Screwed Nailed Not Screwed
from $ 18
  • After BROM After BROM
from $ 18

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