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These "VisionQuest" images are intended to open the spirit. My intention is to create images that heal on many levels. If an image is visually striking to you, listen to what it has to say -- it has a message for you. Slow down, open up, move on, look inside, wake up...whatever the message, it is there to assist you with your life. Please visit Village Artisans, 100 Corry Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio to see more of my work, including cards, magnets, matted work, and other items. Also, please feel free to contact me at for custom orders. My work is as much about "inner vision" as outer vision. Each piece consists of a single photograph combined with itself, sometimes many times over, to create an entirely new image. Look closely and you may notice tiny creatures or faces peering from behind leaves or through clouds. I believe that different spirits inhabit the different images. My work began with strictly nature photos, but has expanded to include photographs of fire, light trails and fireworks. I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I have enjoyed creating them. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to email me at
"Autumn Mist"  (2012) by WildWomanPhotos
  • Daisy Chain of Light Panel Daisy Chain of Light Panel
from $ 18
  • Beckoning Beckoning
from $ 18
  • Autumn Mist Autumn Mist
from $ 18

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