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Brigid - SaylaMarz, yes!
Member Since March 2008
Artist Statement Please stay tuned! My store is growing!

Day 257: Among your Swan.

Vegan, Cannibalistic Lesbian.

Writer and Composer.




I'm in a relationship with an amazing person, whom I met through the flickr 365 project.
Day 277: Before.
Thank you, flickr!

We're still living on opposite sides of the country unfortunately, so we've put together a cute little store in hopes of raising money for another visit.

I express myself in whatever way is the most honest. I have a lot to say, and a lot of it is raw, naked. So, yes, some of my photos are nudes. This does not mean I would like to be objectified - it just means that my body is as much a part of who I am as my face, and I don't treat it with shame and shadows. Please don't send me notes and comments asking how you can chat with me, see more pictures, convince me to join your site or whatever. If you like my photography and have something constructive to say, please do. If you're just here for the tits, I think you'll be disappointed.


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