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Colin Bentham, Barrow-in-Furness
Member Since February 2015
Artist Statement I started my current method of working from an Arts in Health point of view. I wanted to look into how colour effects the Human body. I began this research at University where I asked volunteers to sit in an enclosed white painted capsule over several months where I changed the colour of the bulbs every week. This was to create a total immersion environment after which I questioned people about their responses to the colour, building up a database of responses. From there I set out to create large paintings of single colours with a view to provoking a similar response from the viewer. As far as I am aware, there has not been a full scientific study in to this. With the exception of the colour Red.

The idea was to help create specific moods with a view to enhancing health care settings by creating an uplifting atmosphere. The culmination of this project was to place large paintings in such an environment. This was achieved with the assistance of the Arts in Health committee at Furness General Hospital where they asked me to place 6 painting in the hospital to help people find their way to the wards in a way that was accessible to the blind and partially sighted as well as normally sighted patients, visitors and staff. I have continued with this theme for my work, but also add different elements or materials to the work. I am also looking into form and colour variance.
the paintings i create are about feelings and emotions, i like the idea of immersing the viewers in colour. Much of my work at present reflects my life so far as an eclectic mix of experiences, emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas. And as such my art is as much about my own personal voyage of discovery as it is about the world, both within and without my own mind. Where will my journey end, and where will it take me. Only time will tell… But the path I have chosen to follow is one full of colour and brightness. To uplift the spirits and enrich the souls of those who come into contact with my work. With this in mind I am researching colour theory and colour therapy as well as art therapy as a way of reaching those less fortunate than myself, with a hope that they too can being to see the world as a brighter happier place. I also wish to research Archetypal images in conjunction with colour to be able to communicate at a subliminal level with those who view my work.

I start my process doing small six by four inch test pieces, missing various mediums for the desired effect, I usually use a combination of oil paint, structurer and impasto medium, varying the amounts of each for different consistencies. I mainly apply the paint using palette knives, but i also use an assortment of found objects like combs, rulers and even CD cases to create different effects. one of my paintings in this series "Caeruleua fluctus" was selected by the Millennium Commission as one of the exhibits in their showcase exhibition at the Tate Modern and Lowry in 2004.

artist in residence with St Matthew's since 2002, where I have created murals in the community halls and held summer schools for children during the holidays. I am also rediscovering my home town looking at old architecture and illustrating them. I started doing this after being asked to do St Matthew's, and St Francis church for the cover of the Grapevine church Magazine. As I quite enjoyed the process I decided to continue with this style. I originally started doing these in pen and ink on cartridge paper which is quite a long and laborious process. I have found it far quicker to do this digitally, where i alternate between Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, though I must admit painter is leaving photoshop behind and i find myself using it more often.

I am also delving into three dimensional work on the PC to create characters and scenery. Initially this was going to be a cheap way of working without having to hire a model to do my drawings from. With computer software i can create virtual realistic model


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