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ROOM15 , Rome, Italy
Member Since February 2007
Artist Statement Born in Italy, I received my Degree (Hons) from Roma’s Academy of Fine Arts and a Postgraduate in Iconography from the University of Tbilisi in the Republic of Georgia. I also attended courses in fine art conservation. I now live in Rome where I paint in a shared artists studio and contribute to the restoration of classical painting, frescos and buildings being a leading expert in conservation in Italy. I am very well travelled and the images, colours and smell of countries I have been in are part of my inspiration and aesthetic feeling.

My latest artistic endeavour is based on an exploration of human diversity in its many forms celebrating the various expressions of our humanity, dignity and suffering. My artworks are 3D figurative pieces painted in oil and mixed media on wooden boxes. I need the hard surface of wood rather then the soft coarse jute material in order to draw attention to the subject matter of my art by vigorously attacking the medium with colours, wallpaper, wax, gold sheets and objects.

In my artistic practice I tend to produce artworks, which as a whole produce multiple resonances and echoes amongst each of the works in the collection. The recurring features of my works are subject matter and symbolism – apes, human homogeneity, horses and tribal knights, life circle, poppies, mysticism, dignity, portraits, a sense of freedom in materials and methods, emotional resonance, people faces, plain backgrounds, wax, rough natural materials, easiness and iconic shoots of the mind…

The stylized simplified form is characteristic of my treatment of the figure from my earliest works to my most recent productions. My figures usually have faces that have the simplicity and sweetness of real emotion and yet, the force and dignity of the human spirit. The iconic beauty of the image is counterbalanced by the plain or evanescent backgrounds and helps the viewer to focus the attention on the figure giving the portrait a classical structured composition.
The media I uses to complete my works are oil colours mixed with water and the support is wood boxes. The background of the portraits and human figures is often plain with a mosaic feel or evanescent surreal objects are drawn and waxed to give a three-dimensional approach. The figure seems to come out from the surface and grasp the imagination of the viewer. I learned how to draw at an early age and constantly pulled from my imagination a repertory of symbols that define my style. The background in cartoon drawing, sculpturing, printmaking, filmmaking and art conservation are also clearly visible in my work. The sharp and clean delineated lines as well as the choice of warm or cool tone with high contrast in value and the evanescence of the figures are combined approach to my art. The original and unique use of wax helps the artist to achieve a visual contrast that tends to hypnotize the viewer.


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