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MrH - Aka Mediamode, Troy, Ohio
Member Since October 2009
Artist Statement as a kid growing up I read and wrote poetry incessantly, studied classical piano and the trombone and primarily experienced the world through sound and the written word. it wasn’t until i was a senior in college and took my first real art class that the beauty of “seeing” the world visually became apparent to me.

while working in the entertainment industry in los angeles i started collecting art and became friends with a great group of working artists. i came to appreciate and dare I say – love – seeing both the creative process and it’s end result. never did it occur to me that i could myself achieve the level of visual work that i had come to love through the work of those artists.

however, in the process of becoming more in touch with myself through those friends, meditation and maybe out of a necessity to release the creative bottlenecks that seem to occur too often in hollywood, i started painting. i had kept up my practice of writing poetry, but moving back home to ohio reawakened my love of photography.

as a kid in middle school i had interned with the head photographer of our local newspaper. that sparked what i thought was an interest in journalism. now looking back on it, it was actually an interest in photography that was sparked. that should have been evident to me when i made the deliberate decision (as a junior in high school) to excel in 1st year chemistry so that i could take 2nd year chemistry in order to have access to the high school’s darkroom (yes, the yearbook club had access to it – but only after school for a few hours a week – not an hour and half every school day). yes, i know. i’m a geek. always have been.

which, in a crazy roundabout way, brings me to imagekind. because i came to the visual arts through music and the written word, my work has a sense of lyricisim, rhythm and motion. undulations of dynamics, harmonics and tonality. i can’t help but speak about my work using musical and lyrical terminology.

let’s just say that i’d like to think that my work is about what gets birthed through me. i try to let the visual and written word create their own sense of being, regardless of what my initial intention may have been.

it’s one of the reasons the title and the description of each piece are short and somehow connected. i attempt to stay as close to the stream-of-consciousness process as i can. sometimes it succeeds better than others.


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Subjects Abstract, Automobiles and Trucks, Landscape, Transportation
Style Abstract
Tags - aka mediamode, MrH, abstract, blur, light, mediamode, modern, night, ohio