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Ricky The Rocket, Myrtle Beach
Member Since September 2009
Artist Statement I do not consider myself an artist or even a photographer. I am someone with a lot of time on my hands, a digital camera and a printer. I do, however, believe that each and every one of us has at least one masterpiece within us. Whether it be a song, a book, a painting or even a movie. It’s in all of us, now the hard part is getting it out.

I have convinced myself that because of my outspokenness regarding the direction this country has taken and the ones to blame for it on my website,, that I have to conduct my affairs incognito. Nothing like a pseudonym to make a person feel important, hence the Ricky the Rocket tag. Plus, I like it, and it makes me sound much cooler than I am. America was a great country and I hope that the people will rally together, get rid of all the traitors and make it great again.

Because of my belief in that there is something great in all of us, I have committed myself to covering all the bases. I have written songs, some poems(that I will show to no one) and have a comic book and several screenplays in the works. I have a backload of ideas just bouncing around this noggin of mine. My mind is like a six way intersection with no traffic light. I only hope that everyone’s is also.

I became interested in photography by complete accident. After discovering the really fun editing features on my digital camera, I started taking lots of pictures and playing with them on the camera. In the course of doing that, I started to enjoy capturing the stuff that we take for granted everyday. I really enjoy bugs and flowers and if you haven’t noticed yet, I really like the comma.

I have taken a few, what I consider, great photographs and have a lot of good ones. But I also have a gazillion really junky pictures. I consider a photographer as someone who gets paid to take pictures and an artist as someone who does something, artistically, that I can’t do. Since I am doing it, then I am not an artist. Think about it for a minute.

I am currently involved in a non-profit organization called Cameras4Kids. What we are setting out to do is to create a program where underprivileged kids will have the access to photography and video equipment and the opportunity to use this this equipment to express themselves and to discover and capture what this world has to show them. We have way too many video game addicted and latchkey children in this world. It’s time to start getting them out of the house.


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