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Alexandria Natalie Stargirl Marie Valentine, Tucson,AZ
Member Since April 2009
Artist Statement I am a whirl wind of constant change.

I am usually 1/5 of me at a time.Alexandria Natialie Stargirl Marie Valentine=5 different me's.


Here's a chart:

Alexandria= The 5 year old.

Natalie= The Perfectionist

Stargirl= The Enchantress

Marie= The Hippie

Valentine=The Venomous

When it comes to me I have no limits, therefore when creating I haven't adopted a style, genre, ground, or media. Furthermore; my interest never cease, I love fashion design, photography, jewelry making, baking, videography,etcetera. I will gain as much knowledge and indulge in ANYTHING, on a whim, even if only slightly tickles my fancy. ;)

Yes, it becomes tiring.

I can never do the same thing, or act the same way for long periods of time. It's something with my emotion that dictates who I am at that moment.

I have to carry a variety in company. Or just that one special person with no limits and no boundaries.

Idk. I'm kinda bad at the social thing, lol; or some days I'm really snazzy at it. I surprise myself often.

Painting and creating is the only thing I have in common with myself. I love to make, and use my hands,plan, and become lost in one of my many realms.


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