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Barry Lubman, Baltimore, MD
Member Since September 2007
Artist Statement Often its the unexpected Twists of fate that occur in the least likley place that lead to the things we come to treasure most. That's what happen to my dad, Barry Roy Lubman.
Growing up, artistic was probably the last word that anyone would have used to describe Barry. Athletic was more like it. Throughout high school, he participated in a variety of sports. But afetr high school, he shunned college life for adventure, joining the Navy in 1956.
And it was the Navy, where he won an inexpensive camera in a contest, that lead him to the lifelong pursuit of beautiful pictures. From battleships at sea to exotic ports of call, not to mention a few alluring women along the way, Barry did not lack for inspiring subjects during his Navy years.

Afterwards, when he was struggling to support a wife & child, working 2 jobs to make ends meet,he didn't have very much time to pursue photography. Actually he barle he had time to sleep. But the artistic drive was still there, it just lay dormant for a while.

When his life became more stable through the 1960's & early 1970's, he had occassional opportunities to take photos--on holidays,day trips to the country and vacations at the beach. His family eventually learned not to ask where the people were in his photos. And they too acguired a disdain for "snapshots."
As the years on, he made more and more time for his photography, He no longer needed a special occassion or to be visiting an unfamiliar place to take out his camera. He found pleasure, satisfaction in some darn good shots in capturing the beauty of his everyday world--a tulip in his front yard, a display of fruits & vegetables in the food market, or the play sunlight on the strutwork of a bridge.
Now with Barry traveling. His everyday world is much larger. Consequently, the subject matter in his work has expanded.
He's shots:
Anything that moves or not moving>the glory of US cities & the charm of American town &Europe, Asia to the unspoiled nature at there finest as well as earth's scars from man at his worst.----And just once in a while ... he'll "snap" a shot or two of his children, grand children & his great grand children..

About my photos:

Sometimes my colors are off!!! Sometimes there are strange things going on. Most of the time I add them. I do not think everyone understands that we can now adjust the photos any way we want for a differnt look.
I try to get out of the standard box.
If my photos are look at that way, people my understand why colors are different.
It is ok if you do not like them, just look at the photos in a different light.

As I tell everyone, we all are different. I like what I have posted and some do not. The key is, what I like. I will looked at what each of you tell me (and many times I will change a photo) but if I like it, it stay as posted. I thank all of you for your thoughts....... Each one of you are correct..... This is art not science... Live it --Love it.. HAVE FUN with it...

I feel like some photos need not necessarily be technically perfect or unusual to be beautiful, but also how the photo makes u feel...
This one definitely has some positive vibe..the landscape, the wind, the colors and the expression on the guy's face...I feel good looking at it:-
Below is the link to the profile who wrote it.. He is SO right.


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