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Christopher Holmes, Eustis, Florida
Member Since June 2007
Artist Statement
Restricting your vision will only limit the awareness of your own existence.

Featured Member Artist on 10/6/2007 and 8/23/2010

Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy my images. If you would like to discuss any of my pictures or have any requests you may contact me at

At the end of February 2007 I jumped into digital photography, and back into the world of visual exploration, when I purchased the Sony A100 DSLR with several lenses and any other gadgets the salesman could talk me into . By mid June 2007 I had over 7,000 images. Many of which were nothing more than painful lessons concerning the basics of composition, white balance, contrast and digital exposure versus film exposure. I had to re-learn many of the skills I used to perform naturally.

In September of 2007 I upgraded to Sony’s 12.2 MP A700. This camera was a dream to use. I continued to upgrade gear with better lens purchases. In September of 2009 I went to the full frame A900 and 24 megapixel. I also completed my lens upgrades to the best Sony had to offer. This provided much more detail in my images and less post processing time which translates to the ability to offer the highest quality images for your enjoyment and hopefully purchase.

You'll notice quickly enough after viewing my pictures that I don't limit my vision to any specific style, target or environment. If it gets in front of my lens and I like it, it's mine. Photography for me is first and foremost a creative outlet so I do use Photoshop. I use Photoshop to convert the RAW files from the camera to a print ready format. I also use it to cleanup, tweak or sometimes completely play with my images. Most of my galleries host images that have been adjusted just enough to show not so much what the camera saw but what my mind saw. As time passed, and my experience and the quality of gear improved, I found the two coincide more often.

I have one gallery, “Creative”, for the works where I totally let my creativity have reign over the images before me. Look at these images carefully. This gallery has some of my works where I have just experimented with different techniques, and I mean experimented. Look closely at the images before you buy them. My mind can go a bit weird at times and I just have to follow it. If you're not sure about what you're seeing drop me a line. I'll gladly discuss any of my works. Again, if it's in the Creative gallery, "look closely" at the details. They are more for fun, although some may have an underlying message.

Again, thank you for your visit.


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Subjects Abstract, Automobiles and Trucks, Décor, Geometric, Man-made, Transportation
Style Fine Art
Tags Christopher, Holmes