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Daniel Craft, thailand
Member Since January 2016
Artist Statement let me start by saying this, if something comes easy to you and i don't mean chattels, i mean in your intellect then stay with it. you can be what ever you want to be, but if something comes and you can absorb it, enjoy it, love it, then this is the path of destiny. at 10 years old art teachers used to be amazed at the open parallels of art i could create, but then i was pushed into sport and art became a lost love, even as a child. by the time i was about 15 i had secretly entered an art competition and i won, i was offered a place in art college, east sydney tech, australia and finally my father stood up and took notice, shortly after that he passed away, he was 40. that left mother and i to fight the world, having no brothers and sisters and knowing that her son was could mentally go either way, she did the best she could, i was the apple of her eye and i loved her dearly. sex, drugs and rock'n'roll took over, so at 20 i joined the nsw, australian police force where there was more corruption, drugs and all things that tag along, it lasted about 7 years. anyway, enough of all that, my point is, i wasted 30 years of my life trying to be something i was never going to be, the worst part is, that i wasted 30 years of everybody elses life with worry over what i would do next. over the years in the back of my brain was this burning desire for art, i would read books on some of the great masters, especially picasso, monet, van gogh and one of my particular favorites, jackson pollock, he reminded me of me, of late rothko has taken my interest. now at 53, shaved head, earing, tattooed and looking like a cross between bruce willis and a rock'n'roll wrestler, i'm sitting in outback thailand visiting my children, talking to you and spilling my guts, ha! what a take. i'v given up the booze and everything else and i feel better than i ever have, it took me a lifetime to realize that i could lay down at night, close my eyes and go to sleep without having to be out of it, go figure. so this brings me to now and i hope i haven't bored you to death! i have decided to dedicate my life to my art, to share with all the beauty of what i can do. over the last year i've been working on a new process of paint application, using a mixture of acrylic, enamel and lacquer, which applied in a certain method creates a beautiful outcome. i mostly use a palette knife for carving or whatever is at hand, no brushes for me, although i'm pretty adept at japanese stick painting, something i learned many years ago. i have the airbrushes and all things nice, but honestly, for me, i like to paint like a child. when you look at my art, don't try to compare it to others, there is none. i have great respect for all forms of art, but i do what i want to do, art is in the eye of the artist, the beholder can do what he likes, that's how i see it. people may or may not like what i do, but they do say this 'your art is very beautiful' and that is enough for me. funnily enough most of my paintings hang in doctors homes, perhaps they can see what a psycho patient really looks like. in closing, please don't judge artists to harshly, they bare their soul for all to see, like actors, playing on a painted stage. i will be on social media soon which is a first for me so please keep a lookout for 'rumplefish' and don't worry be happy.
kind regards dan craft.


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