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New Reformation Press, Murrieta
Member Since July 2009
Artist Statement New Reformation Press is committed to providing and publishing the finest in books and teaching materials dedicated to fueling a new reformation.

Just as the first Reformation rediscovered, reclaimed and restated timeless truths from the Word of God, NRP's mission is to reintroduce these truths to the contemporary church and culture.

These treasures have been lost or even rejected by the modern heirs to the Reformation. We believe that these forgotten doctrines and scriptural emphases can not only enrich the faith and lives of individual Christians and revive the church, but can address the deepest needs of our culture as well.

Returning the doctrine of Justification to its central place in worship and teaching will renew the church. The doctrine of Vocation reveals God at work in our jobs and shows us the eternal meaning behind our everyday activities.

The doctrine of the Two Kingdoms returns sanity to the relationship between the church and politics. A proper distinction of the Law and the Gospel provides us a forthright and clear way to interpret the scriptures and allows us to tell the real truth about the Christian life.

All these things and more have been lost in today's church. The end result is a shallow spirituality, and leaves the church very little of value to tell our lost culture. Add to this a rampant biblical illiteracy, even in the church, and our already bad situation becomes dire.

It is our sincere hope that you find our materials useful in your own faith and in your witness to others.

We pray God will grant His Church another Reformation, and to this end we render our service.


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