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Franny Dynamite, Reading, uk
Member Since July 2007
Artist Statement Howdy,

Bit of a mental bird, who sleeps sporadically and spends way too much time on tranny websites, looking at filth and chatting to non dainty trannies, which (despite what they think) are as mad at me.

I am a natal female and I am 23. I dress up like a foo, way too often! Into trannies ONLY well i might be persuaded by Brian Moloko or types like him!! lol

Finally got a NEW camera WOO!! It's a canon 400D its brilliant, gonna start collecting lenses and the like now. So most of the photos you see i have taken at some point, maybe not with the canon but look at the thingy at bottom of page! Photos of me are generally taken by my friends, but all my own poses and make up!

I wank too much, I sleep too much I eat too much.
I like doing stupid things to photos on Photoshop; I don’t know what I am doing here.
I got bored and decided I will show off some I suppose, also got told some of it isn’t that bad lol
So expect some real boring bits of "art", I will indeed use this term loosely!! Lol

Oh btw, I am sort of trained went to college and stuff, but never did anything with it as graphics is shit and I can’t express myself properly!!

Right so now you know I’m a little scary and a little wrong, I say a little it’s a lot wrong.

I think aliens take my thoughts away. The government are trying to get all intelligent people on anti depressants, so if we rant about how this country is turning into a big pile of doo and they are trying to control and oppress us, we will be called lunatics and forgotten about, America are far more along this line though, they really are scarily controlled, proper thought police!

I have multiple personalities; I’m waiting for the clever one to appear. I expect when she does there will be something wrong with her, like a psycho killer! But hey we all got our flaws ain’t we?

That’s me I ain’t right, don’t look at my photos they will scar your mind and probably leave you blind. do you really want to become blind and for the rest of your pathetic life all you can see is this hate fuelled, angry bitch's photo? If you do go ahead but I ain’t paying for your therapy, no sir not me! Your f**king fault, for looking 'TARD! *belm*




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