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Davinciandres ., San Diego
Member Since August 2008
Artist Statement Hello world!

I'am a soul in the process of purification who love Science and philosophy. I have discovered the real love and its origins. I have spent the past 3 years Studying, analyzing and testing the veracity and power of the words of Jesus Christ, The Only Absolute Truth humankind have ever found.

While all this "process" unfold before my very own eyes, my inside ARTIST keeps yelling to my conscience: "I AM IN HERE." No, I can't forget who I am and I am grateful to God for that. But the more I mature, the more and the better I relate to my own being as an ARTIST (is not the other way around as many new-age thinkers believe), the more I relate to other artists and to all kinds of ART. Humbleness has arrived! I am not running away from myself anymore.

And this is the reason why I don't say much about myself as individual. I found myself trying to accomplish too much, just because I had many talents, and many gifts! My life has been so beautifully fragmented (some would say broken), “matching perfectly with my ADD”. Today I can look back and understand not just the "why", but also a divine purpose along the way.

The pieces been showcased in our gallery reflex just part of a lifetime fragmentation. Every piece talk about a stage of my life. Whether is one of my own pieces, or artwork from another artist. These pieces will connect in many ways. There will be a common story that complement to make sense of two fragments of life. Here is where the real story of my life resides. Any good detective would be able to figure it out, or should I say forensic art specialist?

Well if some of the readers were really intrigued I might post some more clues and more artwork, or maybe I could start a blog.


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Subjects Animals, Elephants, Entertainment, Humor
Style Comic
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