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Sue Molyneaux, Toronto
Member Since April 2009
Artist Statement

I consider myself a spiritual artist. I love to paint those things which carry a spiritual power. I use the word "paint" to describe the techniques I use, rather than the medium. My medium is actually energy. I have a passion for transforming nothing into something digital, and something digital into something tangible. The transformation of energy from one medium to another is empowering. Every one of my paintings is a form of spiritual power.

I believe that the meaning of life is the telling of stories: to oneself, to others; via words, via body language, via art. The contemporary art that you see on these pages promotes a cultural view of interpreting images, familiar and unfamiliar, within a personal spiritual context that encompasses the whole, not just the parts, when telling stories. Each piece of art has many stories. One story comes from the artist, other stories come from the viewers. Each is unique and personal and valuable.

Although my work has appeared for decades in various publications (and under various names), it was in 2007 that I decide to display my work in the more traditional format of art shows. In keeping with my spiritual journey, I am starting with places where the energy of the viewer is unexpected: they come not for the art, but for food and comfort, for fun and to meet others: bars, restaurants, coffee houses and the like.

Each work of art is imbued with energy during a show. The dancer at the bar emanates her energy while the works absorb that power and return it to the next person. The coffee drinker who sits and reads a paper shares energy -- a different energy -- with the artwork, and that energy is absorbed and re-released back to the next viewer. The web surfer views the works, often in the comfort of their own home, and, because the works are digital, shares energy in a distinct way. This constant flow and ebb forms a network along which the story travels.

Life is storytelling, and these are my stories. Are you listening?


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