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Garrett Larson
Member Since August 2014
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Garrett began to consider his opportunities and soon realized he wanted to combine his passion for art with his independent spirit and created Grapple Fine Art by Garrett Larson!

I love writing in and out of paintings. I include text in the piece if it calls for it, although many times I write separately from the art. Most of my current work is mixed media and which includes conte, charcoal, oil and watercolor.

Much of my current work deals with reality by way of fantasy. There is a high degree of interest in conveying a whimsical feeling through my work as well as showcasing nature’s radiance. Grappling with lives challenges and obstacles can sometimes become more than you bargained for. Life’s many questions and concerns are often examined through my artwork. I have explored issues of beauty and attractiveness and will continue to do so. What is beautiful and why? Who makes these decisions for us? Many organic shapes seem so normal and ordinary at first, but not once you take a closer look at the object and see the amazing design that is not so simple after all.

Human’s relation to nature and the built environment is of interest. Some cherish it while others do not notice it. Do people belong in nature or shall they stay inside, closed off and rarely braving the elements? I am interested in further exploring the relation of art and society and the concerns of humanity and the health of people.

Wait: Grapple What?

Per Wiki:

grapple (third-person singular simple present grapples, present participle grappling, simple past and past participle grappled)

(transitive) To seize something and hold it firmly.
(transitive, figuratively) to ponder and intensely evaluate a problem; normally used with “with”.
(intransitive) To wrestle or tussle.

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