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Frank Serritelli, La Quinta
Member Since January 2008
Artist Statement who is this guy and why would i want to buy his stuff? it's a great question, but unfortunately i can only answer the first part with any certainty. my name is frank serritelli, illetirres, if you're on flickr and if you're especially perceptive you've noticed that my flickr name is an incredibly creative reversed spelling of my last name...yes, i'm that creative! i am a self taught, nonprofessional photographer living in la quinta, california. that's the "palm springs area" for those not so geographically inclined. i've lived in and around the coachella valley for most of my nearly forty years, if you haven't been, you need to check it out! just avoid July through September as it does get a little warm(120+). i first picked up a camera seriously in high school. for no apparent reason, i just decided it looked like a fun thing to do. my first camera was an "old style" canon f1. i loved that camera and had a lot of fun learning about this whole photography thing. but as life moves on and boy, does it move, i sold that camera and all that went with it to help buy a home for my family. a worthy trade off, but i sure missed that camera! i filled the void with a digital point and shoot, that camera really helped to respark my interest in photography. then a few years ago, an epiphany in the form of the nikon d80 struck me hard and i've never had more fun creating images than right now. digital has totally converted my desire to get out there and shoot and even more importantly has had a huge impact on my "style". and now you're probably thinking, "okay, i've looked at your work, what the hell is your style!" well, that's just it, it's not defined, it is freeform, shoot what catches my eye, process it just enough to meet that vision and hope that others enjoy it as well. digital has allowed me the freedom to simply walk around and capture images as they present themselves to me. most of my work is quickly composed, handheld and very casual. well that's the first part of your question, as for the second part why should you buy it, that ones up to you. if you look at it and you love it buy it. if you look at it and think what a bunch of cr**, at least you've looked at it long enough to form an opinion and i appreciate that just as much! so thanks for visiting and giving my images a chance. comments both positive and negative will always be given an equal audience and are greatly appreciated.

and on a side note, if you're wondering if my shift key is broken, i can almost assure you it is not. i started using lower case only for my titles on flickr, and have chosen to keep it consistent here as well. and i've got to tell you it's a whole lot easier this way!


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