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Skye Taylor, Oregon, Il
Member Since February 2011
Artist Statement Skye Taylor Bio

I was born a twin. My mom was 42 when she had my brother and I, and she had no idea she was having twins until one week before we were born.

My love of Art began in 1960 at 6 years of age. My very first painting was a man’s profile in water paints. I knew then I was destined to become an Artist.

My mom loved art and painted in Oils through the 1930’s to early 60’s so I had a mentor who could answer my curious questions. My mother’s Father was also an Artist. He came from France to America before the turn of the century carrying his easel. He died at the age of 28 from paint fumes painting stripes on Horse drawn buggies. My mom was only 4 years old when he passed and the only thing she was left was his easel and a few detail brushes. Just like my late mother, I too paint on that magic easel.

I started winning Awards in Grade School and by the end of High School I had won two Scholarships.

At 19, I was drawing a monthly cartoon for a Music Magazine and got to do a few illustrated layouts for the cover as well. I considered this weekend work and not a real job.

My first celebrity purchase was from the Late Dom Deluise who hung my painting in his office at CBS during the two years of filming his sitcom “Lottsa Luck”. I was supposed to attend the American Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago after High School but I lasted about two weeks. I was on total burn out and disheartened when I was offered a job that would of cost me more money to work then I would have made so I opted to put my career on hold and do something else. I started my own business and hold a design patent and by the age of 25 I retired.

The years rolled on and by my late 30’s I built a recording studio and found my passion writing and recording music. Every once in awhile I would try to paint but the fire just wasn’t there.

In the early 1980's I produced and filmed 76 dog training shows for cable television. I directed plus enjoyed operating the camera when we traveled to different locations. I own a Pro HD Blue ray huge over the shoulder cinema camera to this day and my dream is to find time to do some documentaries.

In 2005, I started selling on Ebay, a whacked out Comedy Christmas Album I recorded. A weird series of events occurred when the staff of the late George Carlin purchased my music for his Christmas Gift. The short version of the story is, the Carlin staff buyer had trouble with PayPal and we started writing back and forth. I sent it before I got paid which led the staff to call me to say thanks. It turned out George Carlin had just wrote a book called “Jesus, where are the Pork Chops”. On the cover of his book was George sitting next to Jesus with a Knife and fork. The staff had an apron printed with this photo on it but wanted Risqué BBQ tools to add to it.

Long story short I got hired. I pulled it off in two days and Over-nighted the package to his California Office and he loved it. He sent me tons of his CD’s and every tape he ever did along with books. I was guaranteed VIP Front row tickets for any show. I appreciated his work but wasn’t a huge fan so I laughingly chalked it up to 15 seconds of insignificant fame.

The staff wanted to work with me on marketing my items but George plead guilty to being addicted to wine and pain pills so while he was drying out so did the plans. LOL.

In 2006 I started writing a book of all the funny events that my wife and I had experienced through our lives. It was my passion and I worked on it religiously.

In 2007 my home burned down from an electrical short and I was caught in the fire. I managed to save my son and dog and we barely got out alive with the fire exploding through the home as we exited the door. I was hospitalized from smoke inhalation. All our possessions were gone. My wife and I spent days sifting through the remains looking for my computer jump drive that contained my book. The only thing that survived was the fire box I kept the jump dri


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Subjects Dreamscapes, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Space
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