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Andrey Afanasyev
Member Since July 2011
Artist Statement About me
There are not so many places in this life where I would love to stay, continue, prolong an instant of suddenly visited me revelation. I am always joyful about revelations and I am childly upset if I don’t succeed in keeping and prolonging sensation. This is when my camera helps me. My friends say we have a happy creative tandem with it. And for quite some time I manage to create revelations myself. Notably, the strong posed idea can appear spontaneously, in the course of workout of absolutely another one. Then we have to rush with all my crew to the end of the world because the intuition prompts that only there, on the count ruins or among the singing terraces my model will reveal completely. I must hope that this is the opened creative eye of the artist. They say it is the gained experience.

My models
The photos presented in the gallery, do not completely reflect my taste preferences in choosing models. Actually there are the models conforming to a generalized character «the girl on a podium». If the girl realizes it, it is easier for her to feel more at ease, put on her natural face and to be herself. Dear cutie pies! You too are so beautiful and unique!
I can fall in love with the stranger who has passed by me in the crowd. I would even say in the other way - I may fall in love with the image which is promised by her unique appearance. I will chase her, get acquainted, I will promise wonders — everything! if only to wangle so fertile material for my plans. It happens sometimes, that the following photo session takes place not upon my initiative. Then I am happy.

So important little things
Sometimes both the image is chosen successfully, and the model shows the desire to exhilarate and rapture. And there is something missing. For example, it may be successfully selected footwear. Put the model on "her" heels, and something miraculous will happen to her. And now she is already graceful, there appear tempting tournures where they weren't before. Eyes shine imps-like and read off scale a color rendition. Probably, I am not original, but it is the truth. Sometimes absolute funny things happen: under the impression of an image in a photo, men ask model’s phone number, and women ask about footwear or underwear. Then I have to take the rap 
I am grateful to the people dividing with me pleasure of what I have seen. Perhaps, it can't be described with words, but it is clear intuitively, at the level not dependent to consciousness. I live such instants and I never imagine myself or feel in another way.
I will be glad to receive offers on business cooperation. If you were touched by my works or there are ideas of cooperative realization of your plans — you are welcome to write me. Probably, we can surprise the world together.

PS: my works are alive until you like them. And you may inform me about this.


Product No 4099415
Subjects Nudes, People
Style Erotic
Tags Afanasyev, Andrey, field, girl, lee, nu, nude, sensuality, sleep, tiredness, wheat, woman