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Rick Garcia, Spokane
Member Since November 2007
Artist Statement To me, painting, like music is a self-generative process that pulls me along. What emerges is an intuitive and gestural process resulting in a unique image that is open to interpretation by the viewer. The subject matter of my work has grown from a complicated harmony of color, shape and texture. I am largely self-taught as a painter so I am not bound by learned techniques. I rarely start out with a distinct idea and I take cues from my materials and surroundings. My painting are unprompted improvisations that contain a personal vocabulary of marks and forms. Surfaces are built up and torn down in aggressive layers. A resultant polyphony of color shape and texture arises through a systematic layering process. In addition to using archetypal objects and figures to create a symbolic language, my background in experimental music and music theory have both led to my deep interest in silence and how that translates to my visual work. My paintings are both an exaggeration and a simplification of representative form and meaning that illicit a strong response. They are sensual and psychological pieces that optimize both the area on the painting where there is palpable subject matter and the part of the canvas where nothingness challenges our attention. As with the ethos of the composer and artist John Cage, Silence takes on a near physical force in my work. My canvases and panels invite the viewer to construct their own visceral world.


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