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Garland Hill, Kansas City
Member Since June 2009
Artist Statement At the age of three Garland recollects utilizing the encyclopedias in the home for drawing armies of stick figures due to the presence of a rich manila paper that lined the front and rear of each book. One day, to his own amazement, he ran to his
mother with a picture of a face that he had mysteriously drawn. Realizing that this had been produced by a three year old,
his mother announced to him that he had inherited the gift of Art from his grandfather. On this note, Garland began to spend an immense amount of time with his grandfather, always urging him to sketch a picture for him. Garland recollects a
visit to the neighborhood tavern with his grandfather, sketch pad in tow, and there his grandfather produced the most vivid
and memorable sketch of the tavern dwellers. It was reminiscent of the contemporary painting of dogs in the pool hall. The
only difference was that the figures were living people drawn to an exact likeness (perfectly shaded). This is when Garland
decided and told his grandfather that he was going to be a great and famous artist like him when he became a man. This
memory also brings to mind Toulousse in the dance halls of London and Liverpool, sketching.
Garland continued sketching upon entry into the public school system and was always called upon to prepare bulletin
boards with his artistic abilities. At the early age of six, his teacher had him prepare some paintings of birds with the use of
tempera paints for the autumn bulletin board. The teacher was so exhilarated by the paintings that she entered them into the
Science Fair. Even though the paintings had nothing to do with science. Garland placed 2nd in this event with exceptional and
honorable mention. Garland continued to tantalize teachers throughout elementary, middle and high school with his artistic
ability. Garland continued to develop his ability in the Arts through cartooning, pencil and pastel portraits, action figures,
fashion illustration, etc.
In 1968 Garland enrolled in the Commercial Arts Institute of Kansas City and gained vision in this field of study. He worked for a short time with the Hallmark Company, but became disinterested with the company for its lack of vision.In the summer of 69', Garland decided to try his hand in the commercial arts field and relocated to New York's
Greenwich Village with the rest of the starving artist. The life of an artist in those days were strenuous and here he found a
number of great but starving artist. Upon returning to Kansas City in 1970, Garland found his life-long mate, Sharon. They
were wed New Years Day, 1971. Working for the Postal Service was supposed to be a temporary situation for the newly weds,
since they had aspirations of both becoming rich and famous and being able to retire at a young age. Sharon at the time was
a student at the Kansas City Conservatory of Dance and a budding Pre-Madonna of the Art of Ballet. Reality checked in with
the birth and raising of a family. Garland enrolled shortly after that into The Kansas City Art Institute but quickly found the
instructors to be annoying. Questioned posed, how do you grade Art. Garland's quest at the time was advant garde in the Arts,
which was not a part of the institutes agenda. History of the Arts was the most valuable lesson absorbed and Garland was
commited to advancing in the Arts in his own way.
Now here we are nearly 40 years later, retired Postal Manager, and able to resume where he left off. Four years into retire-
ment, Garland has a renewed vigor of life and love of the Arts. He tells everyone that he is now doing his real job, painting &
a true dedication to Jazz. As you will see in his paintings Art and Jazz are inseperable.


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