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Richio Galvez, San Francisco,CA
Member Since February 2014
Artist Statement Can an essence of long ago be so strong as to be repeated again? Is this just an unconscious collective wish of humanity that is floating out into the ether? My time is running out. Who am I? My name is Richio Galvez. I am a person just painting in the past 3 years. but they told me to hurry up, stop wasting time and put it out there into the world! And so this is one sample of my works. Who is the culprit for this ? Vincent Van Gogh! I never went to art school. I don't have a long list of exhibitions or gallery shows. Not yet at least. I just put up this website last month. I never really paid much attention to this small talent of mine, but when I look upon Vincent's works, something inside of me is awakened! Something dormant has been made to surface! In that billionth of a second so intense, so sublime, a feeling of oneness with the universe!! As if telling me, pick up a paint brush and start painting my dear Richio! In the past year I have made about 50 pieces or so. I am just in the process of copyrighting it, then it will be uploaded this month and I will shock the world! I do not understand a GOD that enjoys watching his children suffer again and again. I guess this is what the sages mean when they say trapped always in the cycle of birth and death. If angels are real, help me break this chain!!!!


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