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Vincent Stone, Keizer
Member Since April 2013
Artist Statement I've been painting since I was eighteen years old, and stopped when I was forty-six. I have one of the most comphrensive bodies of work of any artist I've ever seen. Dave Archer used to call me "the boy painting genius from G street."

I had trained with reverse glass-painter Dave Archer (though he probably wouldn't admit it). In the mid 90's I became engaged in a romantic relationship with a prominent art gallery in San Francisco that sold over fifty-five original artworks to collectors around the world in a two year period of time.
I was David's only true student whom he taught glass-painting to. Sense no one seems to care, the art of contemporary glass-painting will die with both of us. Then again, who really cares?

Each time a painting sold, I felt like I was loosing one of my babies. That’s what I love about prints! I will NEVER paint again. I own 34,000 pounds of incredible art, and no one seems to care, so, that's a pretty big suitcase to pack up and move anywhere.

Anyhow, the current bronze I'm working on will cost about $12,000.00 to complete, and I don't know it that's going to happen. Why should I put all my money and energy into finishing Vicronomen the blind man-pig false god. It's not going to happen.

I am currently a Christian Minister and Pastor of The One World I guess, this does influence my work at times….everything does! If anything, my work has gotten darker, and my A.D. series will be the last paintings of my life, unless someone begins to give a damn, which won't happen. I've been crunching the numbers. I’m not a salesman. I need an agent or some other help for that. I usually end up talking the person out of buying work. Not a great salesman.

Your Maker has given me the means to express my personal feeling through art, and the human race has taken it away. Dave Archer once said about me “he can’t not do it,” referring to me painting, but he was wrong. I CAN cannot do it because I’m a garbage person. Human trash, if you will. I'm so happy the world is so rich that it can afford to throw people like me away.

Recently, I was studying the art of lost wax bronzing––though the Federally-funded school I attend has cut classes down to one term annually even though each time the class if offered, student fill it up faster than Nancy Pelosi can restock her Vaseline supply at Walgreens on a Friday night!

I have a gallery in order to sell my original artwork. No one is my art consultant yet. Anyway, we don’t do ART in OREGON. Imagekind’s shipping costs are reasonable, and their framing, and their paper quality is incredible, and they’re fast. You can view my gallery on my website homepage through the “PRINTS” link tab. I recommend that you buy a small print first to make sure you like what you're buying.

I also have several art coffee table books for sale. The link to find them is on my website homepage under the “PUBLICATIONS” link tab. “Put Down The Brush, and Step Away from The Painting,” and “101 Glass Paintings.” These are around $200, but worth the price.

Thank you for taking time to view my space on! God be with you...unless you're an atheist or agnostic, then I would have to say God’s love for you is not based on your understanding of Him. You don’t have to know anything about God to make it to Heaven, just don’t go out of your way to be such a threat to Heaven that your violent life forces God to have to protect Heaven from you, and they have to send you to another place. There is no fire in Hell. Hell is what God calls “Outer Darkness.” That’s where bad people go. Belief has nothing to do with anything.

If you make it, just look out for the blinding light of a Supreme Being who actually cares about you–aside from cake-decorators who refuse to make the cake you really need for the type of wedding you're having, and we religious people have inflicted on Their reputation and Name. God has everything to do with inspiration and least my


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Subjects Canyons, Dreamscapes, Landscape, Regional, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Tropical
Style Fine Art
Tags Homosexual, Stone, Vincent, abstract, acrylic, air, archer, art, cadmium, coincidence, color, coloration, cop., dave,, desire, devil, earth, element, elements, erupt, fairy, fantasy, fiction, fifth, fire, four, friends, friendship, galaxy, genius, glass, glassworker, glassy, god, homosexuality, interspecies, itch, lens, love, lucifer, mannequin, mausoleum, mermaid, mirror, monster, nebula, nude, ocean, oil, on, optical, paint, painting, relationship, reverse, ron, russell, satan, science, sea, seascape, sex, sexual, sexuality, silvering, space, spirit, spirits, star, stone, student, tale, teacher, the, train, trek, verso, vincent,, water, whore