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Joe Page, Charlotte
Member Since September 2007
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I think that it's really cool how God expresses Himself through His creation, and how we use His creation to express ourselves without thinking about how we use Him – the ultimate artist – to create our own art. It's us expressing God through Him in us.

I am self-taught on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I've been home-schooled since the 4th grade, so I picked it up easily. The extent of my work ranges from little insignificant designs for my youth group – to designs for my family's T-shirt companies.

My art may not seem extremely pleasant an a little gritty, but the reason for that is that I was in a hardcore band and that made me see the beauty of expression itself – though not very pleasant on the outside but beautifully expressive on the inside.

I think its really cool to see how my art changes as my motives in life change – or as I get better at making art or expressing myself.

I like to mix and layer photographs and computer effects. I think color and texture are the most important expressive attributes of my art.

I feel like titling my art is stupid because the art of the piece is in the eye of the beholder, and they should decide more freely what it means to them.

As you will find: I tend to make whatever I want, and I don't stick to a real style. I don't like the idea of styles because all style is in my opinion are habits that you like to use to make art the way you've always made it.


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