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Ludmila Frolova, Tver
Member Since September 2011
Artist Statement My art credo.
Excuse me for my bad English. It is my second language, and in which I have not reached perfection.
In the beginning there was no credo. It was necessary for me to find positive sense of my further existence. . It is lived more half-life. I returned to Russia, having said goodbye with all my hopes and dreams.
There was not possible to collect money for economic freedom. I lost chance to meet the unique friend. For worthy work to not be arranged. To me was necessary to live further.
And to live not simply going down stream, but to live properly, correctly, interestingly.
I began to recollect than it was interesting to me to be engaged since the childhood, in a youth, during the life. Yes, drawing, painting, history of arts, history of people and geographical discovery, space… Perspective directions in a science and technic. I was inquisitive always, liked to read.
That at me it turned out well so this drawing. With painting it is more complex, there is necessary more practice, regular employment, and patience, assiduity.
Yes, certainly my health is far not that was earlier, and continues to worsen. But the alternative is not present: or to go down stream and gradually become a burden for associates and for myself, or constantly to struggle with own laziness, illnesses, and contrary to all adverse circumstances to be engaged in self-realization. All my life I liked to be engaged also in an embroidery, knitting, various needlework. But it was necessary to choose something one to reach more skill, and further to be improved in one business. I have stopped on painting.
I did not puzzle over a theme or a subject. The theme at me was the one -the flowers, flora. Abroad, in the USA I finished 2 year's courses on landscape design. To be arranged to work as the designer it was not possible. I continued to study flora under books.
And second: If it was not possible to me to collect the money for a small house with a plot of the ground to plant a garden by my taste, grow up flowers…, I'll draw them. I somewhere read that beauty and harmony of the world spread in all flowers on our Earth, and on other planets too.
With some warily, alarm and uncertainty in I have undertaken painting.
I have returned to painting because once liked to draw, and during all my life spontaneously addressed to it.
I have said goodbye to all illusions, into my heart was empty and sad. The problem of the artist to represent usual as unusual, and exotic recognizing, how distant friend from the childhood. To find beauty and harmony in world around and to present this magic world to everybody. That everyone has found in it all that best what to be concealled at everyone in a soul.
In fact to everybody do not suffices the holiday, a consolation, pleasure, delight, surprise and tenderness, and all spectrum of various light feelings which cannot be put words but only music and color. Painting was given to me hardly. Often I happened in despair that is impossible as it would be desirable. And only the obstinacy forced me to continue to draw. Classical music very helps. It as though a monologue of the composer to me. He shares secret, I listen, and his music conducts my hand. I forget about surrounding. I am am overflown with gratitude, silent happiness.
I also see all shortcomings into my works, quickly I get tired. Hour-two, and I go to wash brushes, and current daily business wait for me. Next day or later I look at my art work. I many times there alter something. Sometimes already it seems to Me that it is not too bad. I am surprised sometimes pleasantly... .
And still more rarely I happen is very happy. When at me it turns out, I feel: at me as though grow wings, I feel myself by creator in throng of Gods. Distant prospects open, in my head rummage set of the future pictures, in which is presented the space, other planets and exotic flowers on them from our Earth. Because o


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Subjects Floral & Plants, Floral & Still Life
Style Botanical
Tags Frolova, Ludmila