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Meg Ciel
Member Since June 2008
Artist Statement I am almost 21 years old and have been drawing since I, or my parents, can remember. I love all styles of art, but my own artistic passion lies in anime and manga. My goal is to start an animation and publishing company with my sister, who is a brilliant and talented artist.

I love taking up commission and usually can complete a commission within 2 to 3 days. For more commission details read below:

Prices (USD)

Full Illustration with Traditional --- $35

Full Illustration with CG/Tone Background --- $25

Character Bust Colored --- $17

Character Full View Colored --- $15

Character Sketch or Ink --- $10 (inks come in black, brown, blue, red, pink, and green)

Extra Characters + $10 each. Everything is in color, unless specified different.

If you have something else in mind, that involves anime-themed art, let me know and depending on the amount of detail we can negotiate the price. ^_^

Other --- $??? (read paragraph above, please)

Originals --- +$35 (only traditional commissions)

Original Sketch --- $25

Shipping --- The cost of shipping will be added to your order (you will be the one to decide how it is shipped, so I cannot give a price until this is decided)

Image Rights --- Price is doubled that of your commission

"Image Rights"? By this I do not mean I claim your characters, but I do own the image I drew (unless given to you). So you can use your commission for prints, profits, ect. I can sign the rights over to you.

Because I only take Paypal, there is a $3 transaction fee, please do not forget to include this in payment.

Form: (for e-mail or send me a message on ImageKind) Please make the subject "Commission" or something of the sort and use the form below. ^_^

Name: Please state your name
Deadline: Please give me a week’s notice at least if you have any deadlines
Image Kind: Will your commission be a full image? A bust? Character sketch?
Character Type: Normal or Chibi/SD?
Description: Please give me as many details as possible. ^_^

How It Works:
You send me an e-mail or message with the subject: "Commission". Give me as many details as possible. Once everything is decided, I will draw a pencil sketch and post it up. If you like it, I will proceed with the picture, but before I do that you must pay 50% of the price. This will ensure supplies for the picture. As soon as I finish the picture, I'll post it up, you decide whether or not you like it. If you are happy with the results, you pay the rest of the money and the shipping, if you chose the original. However, if you are ordering an Ink Sketch you do not have to pay half before I ink it. ^^ Paying half just insures supplies in order to finish your order! ^_~
Obviously, you can also pay all up front.


I don't take up hentai, yaoi or yuri commissions.

Thank you!


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