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Daniel Victor, Brooklyn
Member Since June 2007
Artist Statement Images Pixelate As You Speak

I find that there is a duality in the chemistry of life. Nothing in our existence is one dimensional, either in space or significance. As humans, we possess the potential to understand and manipulate our behavior and perception. When you think about how certain we can be that things are one way, how clear the lines of right and wrong are, especially when it is personal, it is easy to forget that there is always another side. One we can’t see, for our desires and ignorance blind us.

I believe that we can all grow and shape our reality. We choose what we want to see. For example, the closer one gets to something, the greater detail one notices. And as one steps back from the intricate tangling, we can see the larger picture. But when we really look, not just see, but allow our minds to relax, that is when our concept of reality fades and our inner-most skin can draw an unbiased breath.

My artwork can be seen however you want to see it. I don’t want you to feel what I might be feeling, but I want you to find out what it means to you. To look, to experience. Most of what I do is meant to involve the viewer and give them something to notice every time they look. It is like staring at clouds and playing games imagining what each might be shaped like. Let us use ‘our’ imagination, not just mine.


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