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Nina Bravo, San Rafael, Ca
Member Since December 2009
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I grew up and live in Northern California. I'm self taught, although I have a few talented artists in my family, so I would also say that I was greatly encouraged to be artistic from a young age. Making art was another activity that was done regularly at my house hold. I grew up thinking it was as normal as most would consider buttering toast. I actually didn't make much visual art as a kid or teenager . I started to paint and draw around 2003 for fun. I actually did a lot of dance classes as in my younger years. I kept on going with the paintings and drawings but didn't show my work for a while. I kept growing big stack of it of it in my room and wouldn't share it with the outside world. One day someone I was close to won a prize in a major New York competition. I was in college for a major I had less passion about then the passion I felt for drawing and painting. I was really jealous, really really jealous. Jealous enough to get motivated. I thought, I can do that. If that person I know can do it so can I. So I started showing my work. I have been excited to find out that that my work has been well received and others really like it as well as myself.

Artist statement

My art is abstract expressionism. I think my work is influenced by crop circles, and Miro'. I usually start with sketches. I draw sketches of my work in pencil and when I've found something I really like that I think is worthy of becoming a painting then I save it for drawing on a painting. I then paint my background in watercolor with brushes. After this, I draw my design on top of the background. I'm not sure exactly how I'm able to paint and draw this way except to say my art comes through me. I'm a channel for my art. I think it comes from my higher self through me. It's quite magical the way the art comes through me like this. It actually amazes me every time I draw something that I really like because it isn't my regular physical mind that could ever come up with such great stuff. It comes from some other higher part of me. Besides painting I also study new consciousness and I think some of my images are influenced by this. When I look at how much I've been drawing circles that are intersecting other circles I think they seem like symbols of people being interconnected to other people in communities, but also partially having their own separate identity as well. When I look at how much I've been drawing arrows these seem to me to be symbols of spiritual direction and motivation. I have a sense of there being a actual spiritual direction, not being lost, and also a way to get there. The circles within the arrows maybe evoke a sense of being centered and cohesive, having a meaning and a reason but also having a direction. I like to use bright colors. The bright colors are very optimistic to me, they are very cheerful. I'm very, very in love with the colors I use. They are very important to me. I use turquoise, violet, fuchsia and ultramarine blue obsessively. I'm actually madly in love with these colors. I think I read that bees get some kind of high from going from flower to flower when there pollinating flowers. That's something like the feeling I get from these four colors. I feel so extremely happy when I see them, and so sad when I see other colors like brown or orange or Grey. Some of my new paintings look very playful like kids playing. I like these new pieces. They remind me of my child like wonder, and my ability to keep a childlike sense of playfulness and open mindedness about there all ways being new dreams that can come true.


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Subjects Abstract, Floral & Plants, Floral & Still Life
Style Botanical
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