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Cat High, Fort Worth
Member Since September 2008
Artist Statement Ok a little about me. I am 38 and am an Artist, Proud Mother/Grandmother, Scorpio, & Witch. I have been an artist since I was able to hold a crayon. I finished all the art classes my High School offered by my junior year, so I became teacher's pet along with 2 other students and we began special projects that our teacher paid for out of his pocket, I owe a lot to him.

Yes, I said I am a witch, much of my art is inspired by my spirituality. I have had people ask me if I am a good witch or bad witch ..... well I try to be a good person and not harm anyone, but I also acknowledge and embrace the darker aspects of myself. I believe that everyone is an individual and every religion holds some basic truths and validity to it. Each person needs to look into him/herself to see who they truly are and find the best path for them. When your life is pointed in the right direction and you are following the right spiritual path for yourself, it will bring to the surface all your positive attributes and help you fulfill all of your needs, dreams, and desires, so long as you do not waver in your faith. I love diversity! People are a beautiful and magnificent canvas of varying races, beliefs, and emotions and it saddens me that we cannot get along better than we do. The world would be so dull if we were all the same.

I enjoy Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Photography, Sculpture, Glass Etching, Stained Glass, Pottery/Ceramics, Woodworking, Jewelry making, Candle making, Soap making, Interior Decorating, & Writing Poetry, .... did I leave anything out? <grin> Basically Anything Artistic or Creative.

I Love all forms of Art; Realism, Surrealism, Renaissance, & Fantasy genres are the ones I like most, some Abstracts are nice too. Some of my favorite artists are: Adams, Borda, Brom, Brown, Caldwell, Dali, Da Vinci, Durer, Easley, Elmore, Escher, Froud, Galbreth, Griffith, Hildebrandt, Linsner, Loveless, Medina, Michelangelo, Parkinson, Pencz, Raphael, Rockwell, Rowena, Royo, Sullivan, Thomas, Vallejo, Vargo, & Wolks.


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Subjects Egyptian, Mythology, Science Fiction & Fantasy, World Culture
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