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Dean Prime, Buckingham
Member Since September 2008
Artist Statement Dean grew up in the countryside just north of Buckingham, UK in the tiny village of Chackmore. From a very young age he was inquisitive about how things living and growing in the garden interacted with each other and how it all just worked with or without anybody’s help. “My mother would put scraps out for the birds in winter and I became very interested in ornithology, so much so that later on I could spend whole days in the then wild woods around Stowe School with my binoculars and pocket bird guide”.
His other source of inspiration for observing birds came from his Grandfather. "As a small child he would sit me on his knee and tell me the names and habits of the birds in his books”. Dean also finds inspiration in nature itself, “I am often completely awestruck by the complexity, simplicity and beauty of it all”.
Dean’s photographic career began earlier this year when his previous 9-5 office job in Milton Keynes came to an end and seeking guidance from his Life Coach (and wife) Susan Prime he decided to turn his passion into his future. “After twenty years of feeling my adult life decisions were being made by others, I’m now doing what I truly love!".
Dean recalls the very first thing he photographed as a professional was a Salmon Pink Rose, “after some time spent experimenting in different lights, my results still lacked something, so I decide to try the shot as a black and white image and bingo! I am still so pleased with the resulting image that it takes pride of place on my marketing stationary”.
So far in his blossoming career Dean has focused (pardon the pun) his eyes and lens on some of the smallest life-forms living in our gardens. He has used his natural aptitude for seeing minute detail to capture amazing images of insects and flowers using macro (close-up) photography, “these tiny creatures, which for the most part go somewhat unnoticed, are just as spectacular as the big cats and bears of our planet”.
“I offer a high quality, professional service. Believe me, I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of shoddy workmanship, which is why I’m pleased to have honesty, courtesy, attention to detail and respect as major parts of my make-up”.
Dean has agreed to let us in on some of his basic secrets to taking quality photos: Make sure you take your time to get your horizons level, “there’s no rush and planning is essential”. Read your camera’s instruction booklet, “this one was difficult for me being a man, but I’ve learned the hard way missing some very good opportunities early on because of not doing this!” Make use of the Golden Hours (the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset). “We typically get softer, less intense light and more pronounced shadows during these hours, this is excellent for a well balanced photo”.
So, what does the future hold for Buckingham's local Wildlife Photographic Artist? “Well, I have travelled to the USA and Europe with my passion for photographing the world’s beauty and depending on the success of my upcoming ventures, I would like to spend a little more time on the road. To communicate to as many folks as possible how it’s the little things in life that really matter, is my ambition. I want to photograph as much as I can while it, and myself, are still around to do so. Can you imagine having people admiring your very own artwork long after you’re not here, maybe having some of my work being used to help educate people of all ages and from all walks of life, imagine that!”


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Subjects Animals, Birds, Motivational, Spiritual & Religious
Style Fine Art
Tags Dean, Prime, angel, bird, duck, feathers, green, peace, serene, swan, white, wings