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Kristy Brimer, Morris Minnesota
Member Since February 2010
Artist Statement I am very excited to be able to share one of my biggest loves. One of my favorite things to do with a camera is catch the pictures that most pass by. To see into the cracks. To look past the usual. Moving into another perspective. This could very well be at the core of all of us.
These photos and images have something personal and public in each way. You can make them an experience you just found or they take you back to a childhood,love,memory,bestfriend,touch,moment and you will usually be able to do this with any good piece of art. Art is not just colors and lines, its memory. We can know that even if we can't put words to those memories often we can put feelings to them. My favorite art is when you see it and it floods you with home, or would be home. Dreaming right there were you stand of the could bes. Lets all not only do the dreaming and planing and hoping but also the doing and making it happen. but i know the first step has to be the hope of having. To touch it for real.
These photos, these pieces of art are my eyes of something simple, a closer lok into the grain, another look at the light. Enjoy, Hope you buy also and place these images as decoration in your homes, but in your lives.. be inspired and know each one of my art goes with you marked with hope, born of hope, birthed in hope for you.. for this is a driving point in my life that i want others to have also. That as you place it, see it, live with it... you would know and remember what I say. Hope fills your heart and may it be so each time you view this sight, you are reminded that hope is not lost and cannot be stolen, it is your God given right. So believe no matter how you are feeling or what words echo in your mind and seems to echo in your life that Hope is always there, factually, truthfully. It doesn't matter what anyone else says, it doesn't matter what you think or feel. It is always there, and you can take it.. for if you don't a nation can even be lost with out hope... if it is not grabed a hold of. And also if this still is hard to grasp then ask for help, You can ask for hope to come close and fill you.. ask the maker of hope.. our father in heaven... ask Holy spirit to bring hope near..

May you find rest and in that rest may you be filled to the tip of your head and the bottom of your toes with hope and all the emotions that are tagged on the way thru... it is not Hopeless.. it is Hopefull... Full of Hope so that a nation is birthed..
With Love,
With much joy,
Kristy Brimer


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