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Contemporary White

Classical Baroque

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Emeka! Okoro, San Antonio, TX
Member Since August 2008
Artist Statement The Oshogbo Art Movement of Nigeria influences my art.

The Oshogbo Art Movement started in the early 1960s near Oshogbo, capital of Oshun state in south-west Nigeria. Oshogbo lies along the Oshun River, eternal home of Oshun, goddess of the river and beloved wife of Sango, fourth King of the Yorubas and god of thunder and lighting. In the mid-1950s, Oshogbo was a thriving metropolis that embraced African, Christian and Muslim traditions. The most important festival was the annual rite in honor of Oshun and people of all faiths and from all over the world came to celebrate. A group of artists honed their skills creating art works in honor of Kings, Queens and the Royal Houses, and repairing traditional shrines. The pioneering artists include Asiru Olatunde (1918 - 1993, Nigeria), Rufus Ogundele (1946 - 1996, Nigeria), Adebisi Akanji (b. 1930s, Nigeria), Buraimoh Gbadamosi (b. 1936, Nigeria), Jacob Afolabi (b. 1940, Nigeria), Jimoh Buraimoh (b. 1940, Nigeria), Muraina Oyelami (b. 1940, Nigeria), Twins Seven Seven (b. 1944, Nigeria), and Adebisi Fabunmi (b. 1945, Ghana). Freely combining traditional forms with modern artistic influences, they used a variety of media and styles to create paintings, prints, textiles and sculptures. They defied narrow categorization, forging an artistic identity that gained them international fame and patronage.

“I paint because it's my passion. I live with the duality of my talents across both worlds of Finance and Art, and although I often feel like an artist masquerading as a banker or investment professional, my creativity has certainly fostered my career.

My name is Chukwuemeka - Chukwu means ‘The Almighty’; and Emeka means ‘Thank You’. Hence, in gratitude to The Almighty for all that he has given me, I give thanks with gusto - EMEKA!”


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