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Dave Catts, last time I checked
Member Since May 2007
Artist Statement To see how I make most of these images, see my website (above).

Many of these images do not have cartographic treatment (lines, text, symbols) and that is intentional. They are overhead views of large three-dimensional environmental models of Earth that can be used as cartographic background, with the ink saturations toned down, and linework and text added in desktop publishing, geographic information systems, or 3D modeling programs. When displayed on the wall, they become a challenge to find yourself geographically; which then deviates to an environmental perspective. The image becomes a riddle, a challange and a puzzle to solve using our environment as the gameboard; and then discuss your observations ... hopefully not with yourself ... by turning to a friend to start a conversation, you compare notes and then, Yikes!... now you are talking about the wonderful and beautiful planet we live on, and how underappreciated it is ... so, you better Thank God for the gift of Planet Earth, eh? Let's keep it in good working order, and stop screwing it up! He might get mad, and there would be Hell to Pay, ... if you know what I mean.

"I will spend my Heaven doing Good on Earth" - Marie-Françoise-Thérèse Martin of Alençon (b.1873) and Lisieux (d.1897), France


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