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Mason McMahon
Member Since September 2010
Artist Statement Interpretation of the emotions of people and world that I explore serves as the basis for my imagery. Thus I find myself constantly overwhelmed with new ideas and trying new techniques while on the fantastic if often surreal journey of life. When I am not thrust into a creative entanglement or diligently pursuing new opportunities to share my work I can be found at home with my canine partner in crime and a good book, planning my latest project.
Memories and perceptions of others merge and diffuse moment by moment often clouding, an otherwise, acute human sense awareness. My pleasure can be found with infusing myself in those fleeting moments where the inner nature of others can be barely glimpsed, and preserving that vision so that the average person can enjoy it far longer than they would otherwise be aware of. If my medium does not create a conduit that reflects love, passion, anger, depression, imagination, fantasy, universal human emotions and the inner beauty of the soul then I consider myself derelict to my responsibilities as a creator. Even when I depart from my more esoteric work and pursue more traditional imagery I pursue the distillation of what emotes in that moment.
Since birth I've always had an appreciation for art, it runs in my blood as my mother is an experienced artist and educator. Graphite was my first love, and still finds it place during the planning phases of my many projects rather than relying on a digital process. Growing up in a rural area only served to exacerbate my powers of observation and cultivate my desire of constant exploration. It also imparted me with a hardworking independent mindset, and a certain lack of flakiness that many other artists often succumb to.
I feel it would be incorrect to say I have a romantic ideal of the world and the often abstract and reminiscently expressionistic way I present it in my works. Counter to that I feel I focusing on a minuet bit of reality and expose people to it for an inordinate amount of time, peeling away layers of unwanted distraction. Art should be an involved dialectic, a conversation with the world that challenges and highlights incongruous views. That is the type of conversation and commentary that springs from works that are explosively colorful, and revel in the expressive precipice of a moment quickly endangered by an omnipresent entropy intent on its destruction. Through preserving these serendipitous pauses an echo longer helps give birth to inspiration and discussion which otherwise would have never had the opportunity to exist.
With science as my background I am not shy about receiving commentary or criticism or discussing the philosophy and concepts for different pieces or the relationship that is naturally developed with the observer. I hope you enjoy looking at my portfolio and, I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about a particular piece.

I hope that you enjoy viewing my visual menagerie. I love input and I am very interested to hear your thoughts, comments, and critiques. Please feel free to email me at the address posted below. I only ask that you be specific with your subject line, so that I know your message is not junk mail.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Contact Information
E-Mail: mtmcma01@syr.edu
Blog - Tumblr: masonmcmahon.tumblr.com
Twitter: @MasonMcMahon

ZuZu’s Café
107 Fall Street
Seneca Falls, NY 13148
(Café) 315-568-2205
(Fax) 315-712-4515

Pressed Panini Café
742 Main St.
Honesdale, PA 18431
(Café) 970-401-1399

Make sure to visit the galleries where I am featured. I'll be adding new work on a regular basis. Thank you for visiting!

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Subjects Abstract, Color, Landscape, Man-made, Natural, Organic
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Tags Abated, Infuriating, Mason, McMahon, Midol, adams, anger, annoying, awkward, bane, biological, bloated, celestial, coins, cranky, deadly, delayed, function, gun, heavy, horrifying, horror, icky, inconvenient, irate, irregular, irritable, light, lunar, man, monthly, moon, of, pill, regular, revenge, run, running, rusty, sad, shame, shy, silly, sky, the, warn, warned, warning, why, woman, women