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Eric Dee, Boulder Colorado
Member Since June 2008
Artist Statement I started painting in the late 70's but would paint typically 2 or so paintings a year. I experimented with everything from portraits and nudes to landscapes. But I was a Rambler, and a bit of an adventurer who suddenly found himself far from his Canadian home and Married with Children and living and starting a career in the corp. world in the mid 80's.
My oil paints and brushes and tools went into a box and wasn't opened again for almost 20 years in late 2007. They had all melted together from years in 100+ degree garage heat and rendered useless other than to stir up old emotions
So I restocked. I had a vision to attack the subject of celebrity portraits in basic monochrome and focus on trying to capture the essence of the character. And so I start with a blank canvas and I paint until all I can hear is the artist perform ( in the case of the musicians at least ) in my head. Then it's time for another. I can't stop this time. I feel like I need to make up for 20 years.
The kids have grown, the Wife is gone and I intend to take this art thing as far as it will go. Welcome to my new adventure. Please feel free to ride along with me. I will do my best to update often. There will be some pieces off on temporary tangents but I have so many artists and talent to pay tribute to and I hope to stay focused on the intended format for the most part.

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