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Art With No Boundary, Key West
Member Since May 2016
Artist Statement In the summer of 2015, the founder of Art with No Boundary, Inc, Eric Geen responded to an estate auctioneer’s ad described simply as “an interesting collection of artwork”. Upon arrival he found a vast and disheveled heap of what at first glance appeared to be trash strewn about the floors and tables of a backroom at this modest Key West home. He almost turned around and left but reconsidered and decided to give the “supposed” art collection a quick perusal. What he discovered stunned him. Before his eyes lay a collection of the most intriguing artwork that he had ever seen in his life. His mind reeled as he pondered the enormous technical obstacles and financial commitment that restoring this neglected treasure would pose. Eric made a risky decision. He bought the entire collection lock stock and barrel. What he discovered that day would change his life forever.

He was immediately absorbed with and entrenched in the arduous task of sorting and cataloging a collection of what turned out to be over 1000 pieces of unique and original artwork that includes a vast array of surreal, interpretational and often enigmatic pieces. With styles from classic to tasteful erotic, one thing became abundantly clear. These represent the last remnants of a lifetime of work by a highly gifted compositional photographer and artist. His brilliant cryptic impressionistic style, hallmark form and amazing attention to detail are unmistakable to even the untrained eye. These are the last known existing works of Bruce R. Fry.

Since then, Eric has committed his organization to the restoration of this incredible collection and is endeavoring to present it in it’s full intrinsic value to the art world. The talented technical team at Art with No Boundary have been working arduously on this project to bring this rich array of mediums back to life as they were originally intended. It has taken nearly a year and we are proud to announce the restoration of over 100 pieces that are ready to be unveiled to the world. 40 of which are now ready for immediate release. It is our vision to restore the entirety of Bruce R. Fry’s magnificent collection to share with the art world in the years to come.

We invite you to discover the many rich layers of intriguing art we are working so hard to restore and preserve. Unlike most products that need a savvy marketing program to sell, excellent art simply speaks for itself. If you appreciate fine art, we welcome you and promise it will be well worth the short trip needed to explore the amazing art world of Bruce R. Fry.


PO Box 5889
Key West FL 33045


Product No 5893676
Subjects Nudes, People
Style Classical
Tags Art with, Constructed Composition, No Boundary, cryptic, enigmatic, erotic, interpretive, intriguing, male nude, sepia, surreal