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Marco Gonzalez, Miami, USA
Member Since April 2008
Artist Statement Marco A. Gonzalez.

Fine art artist


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My non profit organization

I was born in Lima Peru, raised in Nicaragua since I was 3 years old then: 25 years ago I move to Florida (USA)

My Birth date is August 24 of 19-something.

My Father: Marco Tulio González (Nicaraguan).

My Mother: Elvira Garland de González (Peruvian)

I consider myself an auto didactic; an "auto didactic” is a person who develops his own art without any or little of academic preparation. It doesn't imply primitivism or immaturity, because an artist that has not received the contribution of masters and partners must discover everything for himself

Why do I Paint?

I paint, because within me there is a little boy who refuses to grow up, that wants to continue playing with colors and shape, that refuses to see the world in a single color gray

I paint because the man who exists within me, express with colors and forms his feelings.

I paint, to communicate with colors my perceptions, my emotions, my tears, my laughter and even my way to love.

I paint because to paint it is for me, a necessity as basic as to breathe, and only painting I feel that I exist... and only existing I can paint, and when painting I give existence
I share, express, I feel and I give.

I paint, because I am full of colors, of lights, emotions.

I paint, because my life is to paint just as a bird sings, because its life is to sing

I paint, because I am a poet who writes his poetries with strokes

Because I am a singer who sings his song accompanied with a pencil

I paint because I am the lover who crosses your soul with warm colors...


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Subjects Classical, Music, Nudes, People
Style Drawing
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